Improv As Practical Advice


Be willing to share what you love about improv with others.  Even those weirdos you work with who think improv is only “Whose Line..This piece from Improv Nonsense is fantastic.  Check it out.

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The 70 Percent Rule by Louis C.K.


Louis C.K. is many things.  You can add life coach (…?) to his resume. Here is some fantastic perspective from an interview he gave in this month’s GQ.  

…My rule is that if you have someone or something that gets 70 percent approval, you just do it. ‘Cause here’s what happens. The fact that other options go away immediately brings your choice to 80. Because the pain of deciding is over.

And…when you get to 80 percent, you work. You apply your knowledge, and that gets you to 85 percent! And the thing itself, especially if it’s a human being, will always reveal itself—100 percent of the time!—to be more than you thought. And that will get you to 90 percent. After that, you’re stuck at 90, but who the fuck do you think you are, a god? You got to 90 percent? It’s incredible!


good words, pixar.
good words, pixar.

good words, pixar.

One Year Later


Well… it’s been a year.  

There will be lots of tributes this week.  Lots of really important things to pay attention to, and just as many things to let go.  There will be reminders of where Boston has been in the last 12 months and where the events of April 15th 2013 eventually lead the people of Boston.  

I don’t think I will ever forget the events of April 15th or the days that immediately followed and I wouldn’t want to.  While I wouldn’t ever want to revisit the tragic events of last April, I will say that in a time of immense sadness designed to inspire fear and isolation, I’ve never felt so connected to people.  Not just “my” people, or the people of Boston, MA., but the people of ImprovBoston.  

Not a minute went by that week that our community wasn’t doing the little things that seem to matter the most to so many. From Jack MacNamara tracking down other ImprovBoston members who were at the marathon, to Mike D & Zach W organizing free shows in the wake of tragedy, to Tom Towell offering up his home to anyone displaced by the events at the marathon, I am still in awe of the selflessness displayed and that spirit that has endured since.  

In that week, ImprovBoston became the lens in which I filtered reality. To say I was inspired by our community is the understatement that will out-do (under-do?) every understatement.

No one was trying to forget.  Everyone was trying to help.

Everything I did that week was in hopes of helping someone else, because everyone I saw was doing the same.  IB became a human chain wrapped around itself concerned only with keeping anyone linked to it safe, supported, and most importantly, together.  

I’ll never forget it.  

There are so many stories from this week a year ago.   I wish I knew them all and I’m truly sorry that I don’t.  I think they would all live under the umbrella of so many people putting the words of Fred Rogers into practice.  


So… thank you.  

Thank you for helping each other through a truly challenging time. Thank you for only considering what ELSE you could do for someone you know, kinda know, or maybe have seen once or twice. Thank you for helping.  

It’s been a year.  Let’s keep going.


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